10-29-05 - 4


Dave sent me this link to out foxed - it's basically a rough implementation of my NoT idea, and it's fully working as a FireFox plugin. Of course it's very rough, it doesn't actually do the whole trust network thing, it just shares reviews of pages basically, but it's still a nice beginning. Of course the most important things in the NoT are network-aware searches, which outfoxed can't do, and network-aware markups of existing pages (eg. comments on a given hotel on Orbitz, not just comments on Orbitz as a whole).

I also noticed epinions has this web of trust thing which is very similar to the NoT. The big problem there is just that it's limited to stuff on epinions, and you have to manually decide who you trust and make a simple binary yes/no decision on trusting them. (a better system is for you to mark which reviews you trust and have that correlate to trusting the people who wrote those reviews, that way you can have partial trust and also context-sensitive trust; eg. trust person X only on subject Y, etc.)

Anyhoo, I've been trying out FireFox to try the OutFoxed plugin, and it seems all okay, but it's noticably slower than IE. Even clicking links within the same page is slow. Now maybe this is OutFoxed doing something stupid, but it seems pretty unacceptable/ridiculous.

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