10-29-05 - 2


One thing that we depressed liberals can take heart in during this administration : the career beaurocrats in Washington are showing that they're good people still trying to do their jobs. In fact, almost all of the incompetence and corruption has been in high level people from outside the department who don't know what they're doing. In recent years, starting roughly around the time of Nixon, there has been a great distrust of "Washington Insiders" who are accused of perpetuating "business as usual". The result is that most cabinet secretaries and other high posts are appointed from the outside world, not from within the organization they are to be in charge of. This has reached its most insane pitch in the GWB administration, where these people are typically cronies or friends or donors, and often (like John Bolton and others) people who distrust or dislike the very organization they are appointed to chair. While these people have over and over again demonstrated their incompetence to head organizations they know little about (see, for example, Rummy and Wolfy), the people inside the beaurocracy have demonstrated their competence (for example, the generals at DoD, Richard Clarke, many inside Treasury & Justice). Most recently I've been very impressed with Mr. Fitzgerald, who has shown great restraint and impartiality and respect for the rule of law and the limits of his job.

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