10-28-05 - 2


In recent weeks, the mafia-like intimidation into silence of this administration seems to have broken down. Lawrence B. Wilkerson (was chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell) and Col. Janis Karpinski (was commander of prisons in Iraq) have both spoken out somewhat effectively. In the past when someone tried to raise the alarm, they were viciously personally attacked and smeared, partly to destroy their credibility, but mainly to distract from the main story and put media attention on the smear charges. This happened to Paul O'Neil, Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson, Yee (the chaplain in Guantanamo), the generals who disagreed with Rummy - Shinseki and Zinni, etc. etc. Perhaps the recent walks these people are getting is because of Rove's distraction or overall administration distraction due to Katrina, and the supremes, etc. Hopefully the whistle blowing will continue and the truth will get out.

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