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In "MMA" (aka pankration or ultimate fighting), you get all this bull shit Jiu-Jitsu in "the guard" (that's the position where one guy is on his back, the other between his legs, the lower guy wraps his legs around and also holds the upper guy's head close, the upper guy's hips are below the lower guy's). Almost every fight spends a lot of time in the guard or similar position. Jiu-Jitsu guys love to be on the bottom here and make a lot of moves from this position. I say it's a bullshit position because in a real fight with no rules, this position would never exist for more than a second. You have clear shots to gouge eyes, crush testicles and crush wind pipes. This is why striking arts consider grappling to be a semi-bullshit art. There are good things about it and it's a good technique in a mixed arsenal, but in real life or death street fighting there are very few grappling moves that can or should ever be used. If you get close enough to grapple, you're close enough to apply fight-ending moves to the soft spots of your opponent.

In fact, Jiu Jitsu was developed by and for Samurai in Japan during the feudal wars there. It was primarily intended as a technique for subduing enemies that the Samurai didn't wish to kill or severly injure, such as an unarmed enemy (it would be dishonorable to use your sword against an unarmed enemy).

Muay Thai ("Thai Boxing") bouts are kind of weird. They wear full size boxing gloves, so the ordinary punches are not very nasty, but they can elbow and knee and kick with bare shins, all of which are much more vicious than punches even without gloves. (of course the big gloves are useful for blocking, which is what they do with them primarily, but it's still weird).

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