10-25-05 - 2


I'm back in reality and sickened by it again already. Bill Kristol says G.W. Bush has been "a good president", and as an example he cites his "democratization" of the Middle East. I'm not even really going to get into the issue of whether or not the war in Iraq was a good idea or not, or how much (or little) GW can claim any success in the Middle East. Certainly that whole arena is full of dirty questionable actions and if it is a success it's a very marginal conditional hedged success which at this point could still easily turn into a massive failure, and in either case, the lead-up to war was so illegal and dishonest that it overshadows any success that resulted (not to mention the benefits lost from having so much money and manpower tied up in a red herring). Anyone with any sanity must agree that we are less safe than ever, terrorism is rampant around the world, and the US preparations (the Department of Homeland Security) is a facade and a shambles. So, what has this administration really accomplished? Well, it's passed massive pork and protection for its favorite industries - energy has received tax subsidies and contracts which haven't helped our energy problems at all, US lumber, coal, the gun industry, we've shut down worldwide programs against AIDs etc. in order to pander to the Christian right, we've severly cut taxes on the very rich (effectively raising taxes for the majority of Americans), and are building a huge budget and trade deficit, we've alienated most of the world, and I just can't go on. I can't think of anything you could possibly list as a great accomplishment to say this has been a successful presidency?

Who in the world thinks the Prescription Drug benefit was a good thing to do? Drugs are already plenty cheap under medicare and any decent insurance. If you truly can't afford to pay the already lost cost, there could be coverage for that under Medicaid, but the real problem with prescription drugs is the cost being charged to the insurance, the lack of incentive for doctors to use less and cheaper alternatives, and the lack of proportional cost to the user.

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