6-29-05 - 1


I've been playing some online poker again. I'm playing 3/6 limit on party poker, and I've been making about $100/day, just playing 2-3 hours a day. I've had this going for almost 2 weeks now, so I don't think it's just a good run. I've had my aces cracked every time I've had them; some of the best pots I've won are just bizarre shocking pots of two types - (1) I have the nuts or nearly the nuts; some guy keeps reraising me! I wonder what the fuck does he have, is it possible I'm beat? I reraise him nonetheless (this is 3/6 after all, I might slow down in 30/60). We get a showdown and he's got something like just a pair, sometimes not even top pair. (2) I have some crappy hand like a flush draw on the flop, so I'm calling down, there's lot of action, people betting and raising, I get stuck and wind up hanging around to the river; the river checks down and I win the pot with high card or a crappy pair or something like that (!!).

It's these occasional ridiculously bad plays that provide the overlay. Anyone who's played poker knows that you don't make money by playing against people who are almost as good as you. If nothing else, the rake would kill your profit margin. You make your big profit from the really really bad players, the drunks, the tilters.

The depressing thing to me is that $100/day isn't even enough to live on.

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