6-27-05 - 2


Watched the "Legends of Poker" episode of ESPN's "Beyond the Glory". Basically the same old crap, very poorly told, oddly out of order with major anachronisms (eg. pairing video and voice-over that don't match). The one bit that stuck with me was a quote from Barry Greenstein. I've always thought of Barry as sort of a weirdo prick, and only a mediocre player; he designed the Poker Superstars tournament structure, and did a horrible shit job of it, that tournament is a ridiculous all-in fest that provides neither a contest of skill nor any viewing entertainment. Anyway, it turns out Barry was a legitimate computer programmer, who made his starting poker bankroll by working in Silicon Valley (unlike the poker brats like Phil Gordon who got lucky on an internet company in the bubble and took the profits to play poker). It's well known that Barry donates a lot of his winnings to charity. That's certainly admirable, but it's not what put me in his fan club. Barry said (explaining why he donates to charity) something like : "If you're an intelligent person playing poker, at some point you think to yourself - 'I'm wasting my life, sitting all day in a dark card room' - you feel like you should be doing something productive with your life, at least contributing somehow".

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