6-26-05 - 1


The media drives itself to extremes. You have these talk shows on radio & TV, and media types interview each other. Now, if you're doing a show on some topic, it's far more interesting to interview people with really extreme views on that topic. You want someone with a controversial stance, they get noticed, they make waves. Someone who's just being reasonable, saying the right thing, doing good analysis - this is not good for ratings, it doesn't get tempers flaring, it doesn't sound good in a ten second spot. So, the media experts go to the wings on every topic to try to say something that gets attention, gets them fame, gets them money. Jon Stewart has of course railed about this in the context of partisan talking heads, but it applies to everything - sports commentators, business pundits, etc.. You can see it in the interviews now, when an interviewer talks to a sports figure (or anyone), they're constantly trying to bait them into saying something extreme, like they hate their opponent, or gauranteeing a victory; if they just provide a sane reasonable interview, it's not interesting enough, the interviewer is disappointed, their story surely won't lead.

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