6-21-05 - 3


The TV coverage is in some sort of collusion with the NBA. It's sort of like all media and our government these days - there's some sort of tacit agreement that the TV coverage will do what the NBA wants. The TV guys never disagree with the refs, never point out ridiculous bullshit, and in fact these days they don't even show replays of the fouls. When there's some crucial controversial foul, the NBA coverage almost never shows a replay, instead they go to commercial and show a replay of the last successful play. This is obviously an attempt to keep the audience pacified and thinking it's a legitimate sport.

p.s. I think this Finals is the best in many years, perhaps the best since Jordan was in a finals. The Pistons and Spurs are my two favorite teams in the NBA, because they're balanced, they play team ball, not super star one on one, they play tough, they play defense, etc. it makes it fun to watch.

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