6-20-05 - 3


The liberals and opposition have always allowed the opposition to set the tone of the debate on 9/11 . One of the many example of this is the idea that "9/11 changed everything". This was part of the mantra of the neocons in justifying the seizure of new powers, and the liberals echoed it. Most of the media did too, even those who opposed the administration never doubted the idea that we had to drastically change our government and our civil liberties and our military after 9/11. In reality, this contention is pure nonsense, and those changes have been almost all for the worse. There's nothing about 9/11 that compels us to abandon the Geneva Conventions, to sacrifice our civil liberties, to destroy the checks & balances of our government, to abandon the rule of law - our country has been through far harder trials, and those structures have been created to protect us from abuse *especially* in times of difficulty.

I think it's a common thread in my ranting - things like insurance companies, your friends' common decency, the Geneva Conventions, etc. - as long as things are going well, everyone is hunky dory. Then, suddenly there's some difficulty and people say, well, this difficulty is unexpected and we have to break the rules. Well, what the fuck are the rules for then? You follow them when there's no reason to break them, when life is easy, and then when you're supposed to pay the piper and the rules really come into affect, that's a special circumstance and it's an excuse to break them.

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