5-29-05 - 1


In Pennsylvania now with my grandma and cousins. I hadn't planned for Memorial Day and it threw a wrench in my works; I hate holidays, they just mean a lot of traffic and all the camp sites are booked. Maybe if I ever actually had nice holiday parties I wouldn't hate them so much. Much of my life I've lived not on a normal work schedule, and I've come to love things like camping in the middle of the week, or going to the beach in LA in the middle of the week; it's deserted, and the few people who are there are a different type of people - free spirits or people on vacation; there's no traffic and lots of open space.

Camped in the Great Smoky Mountains (Appalaichans). There really are strange hicks out here. The town of Bryson is a quaint old mountain town, with lots of innertube rentals. Back East here, it seems like almost every little town is nestled in a picturesque valley, filled with history (often involving how we killed the Indians who originally lived there). When I got here it looked neither Great nor Smokey, more like the Nice Green Hills, but on my way out it was raining and the clouds were depositted in fog banks in the nooks and crannies of the mountains, and I saw the smoke. There really are hicks in the small towns around here. Saw lots of wild turkeys hiking out in the backwoods. Turkeys spot you or hear you from far away, and they fly a short distance and make a mad dash into the brush. They make horrible crashing sounds, they seem very clumbsy, but they get away well. Turkeys here are small and reddish brown. There are lots of bears here, I was hoping to see one and wrassle it, but I never saw one.

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