5-26-05 - 1


In South Carolina, visiting Drew (Drew says "USA! USA!"). We just had some crazy hick barbecue (not barbecued hicks, rather barbecue made and eaten by hicks) out in the country here, near Lexington. It's all pork BBQ, like pulled pork sandwiches; around here it's mustard-based sauce; in other parts of the state it's vinegar-based, they get into big fights about it. Drew has a great house in the country right on a lake, and he can do a mean powerslide in his 'vette.

Stopped in Athens, Georgia. Nice area, lots of old houses, lots of trees; walked around the botanical gardens. The downtown area is really cool, lots of nice cafes and restaurants and cool shops and stuff. It's about the same population as San Luis Obispo, but so much more is going on, the area is beautiful. Unfortunately it's blazing hot in the summer.

Southern kindness, my ass! People here are just as unhelpful as everywhere else. Maybe they're a bit more polite in their verbiage, but not one actually helps when you ask for things.

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