5-25-05 - 1


Late night NO, just got back to the hostel after a night out. I went jogging this afternoon in the unbelievable heat and humidity; I took my camel back, and my body was transformed into a water-flushing station, I must have taken in a liter and sweated out a liter. Went to the Preservation Hall to see some old-school New Orleans jazz. This place is a gem - great music, cool old place, blazing hot with a ton of people packed in a little room with no AC. I met a girl there, Petra, who was also road-tripping, she just going around the South Eastern states. We went out afterward and had a drink. Music everywhere, some good, some bad. I wound up leaving Petra and found the street musicians I saw last night - just a mob of young black kids playing brassy band jazz with funky beats; it was just like a neighborhood dance party in the street, their friends were there dancing away, strangers stopping and joining in. The locals were amused by my dancing, they pointed and laughed and we all had a ball.

I'm not trying to meet girls on this trip, but I do like to meet people and talk to them, and it's just impossible to meet a guy and have a conversation, you men are so brusque and unemotional around other guys; the only people I can easily meet are girls that are cruising. I can chat a bit with girls that are with some other guy, but their attention is elsewhere.

I saw Antonio Esfandiari tonight. (for those of you out of the loop, he's a top poker pro, made famous by the WPT, but many of us consider him a jackass and rather lucky). This will be the 3rd celebrity of met and trash-talked! It's so much fun, I encourage anyone who meets a celebrity, do not just adulate them, flame them! They must get it all the time, I'm sure they're not amused, but it's great fun. It went something like this - me, not sure : "Antonio Esfandiari?" him, trying to get a cab - "you got it, kid" , me : "let's play some poker" , him - "not today, I'm playing tomorrow", me : "you scared of me?" , him - "yeah, I would destroy you, save your money" - me - "what are you gonna do?" - this is where I wave my arms in the classic Antonio way; his friends all laugh as he gets in the cab to drive away.

I hate people who are always in a "correcting" mode, even if they're often wrong. I realize I'm like that.

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