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Datagrams and the Network of Trust : a new model for the internet. There's a ton of great information out there on the net that's not indexed by any search well. One example I'm thinking of are all the bits of goodies that people write in blogs. I want to be able to search those bits based on their subject, and of course also using something like the "NoT" to rate their content based on my connections and opinions. So the blog is not indexed as an entire page, but each paragraph or each "datagram" is indexed on its own by topic. There are lots of sources of these datagrams - blog entries, ordinary web pages, news & forum posts, review sites like epinions or igougo, etc. Of course you can't rank this stuff using the silly Google ranking based on links from other places, since most of these things aren't linked. You have to just know the subject, and then you rank the datagram just based on something like NoT - it's ranked by how I rank the source of the information (eg. do I trust this guy, or do I trust someone who trusts them, etc.)

Another thought on the NoT - I heard this interview on NPR with the head of the French national library. He was complaining about the fact that Google has a US bias. He totally understood the Google ranking. Some stupid bitch from Google was interviewed as well and didn't understand his point at all, she just kept saying Google's ranking was like a democracy where the internet voted for the page ranks. The French dude made two perfectly valid points about how the Google rankings are biased - 1) Google ranks have massive inertia, because once a page is highly ranked, people visit it even more, so it gets linked more, and 2) the Internet at the moment is massively U.S. content dominated, so the ranks of pages is heavily U.S. biased. The problem is if I'm some French dude, I want to see rankings based on my culture, my worldview, pages that matter to me, not to that American scum. Of course the anser to this is just the NoT. It provides page rankings that are customized to your own worldview, so if you are in a different culture and have a different set of connections, you get those pages.

I miss the good old Republicans. Of course, they never really existed, Republicans have always been fractured and corrupt just like the Democrats, but there's this idealized image of what the party was about, really in the 70's and 80's - the old idealized Republican was pro-business, free markets, civil liberties, balanced budgets, small government, less regulation, etc.. Now, like I said, that never happened, in reality the Repubs have presided over some of the worse imbalanced budgets and huge government growth, but it was the ideal. Now, I also disagree with that ideal in many ways, but I can at least respect it! It's a valid alternative view of how to run our society, and we could debate about it and reach a compromise, and it would be cool. I think it's great to have people with alternative views and we can all debate and learn from each other. I miss the good old idealized republican.

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