5-22-05 - 4


When most people think about communism failing, they think about it failing from the top. That is, any sort of idealized communist/socialist/marxist or cooperative scheme is doomed to failure because some power-hungry, greedy people will take over at the top and turn it into a system that works for their benefit, and it will just be a form of Fascism. Now, this may be true, but I think it's much more depressing that communism is doomed to fail from the *bottom*. It's depressing, because I think Marxism is a beautiful ideal, and the fact that the very people at the bottom who it would help most are bound to destroy it, that's sad. The way I see it failing at the bottom is primarily through laziness and cheating on the social contract. That happens when workers don't work reasonably hard because they know others will cover their slack. It also happens when people don't treat community property well. Of course this happens in America all the time. Staying in hotels I think about how the American culture advocates trashing hotels and taking advantage of "the system". That is, run the AC with the window open, run the water and flood the bathroom, etc. etc. - you're not paying, fuck 'em. Of course it's not "the man" who pays - it's everyone who stays in the hotel. By fucking with a shared resource, you penalize everyone who uses it.

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