5-22-05 - 3


Hardly ever in my life have I ever been taken on a date. A few great people did it a few great times, but in this day & age of supposed equality, when are the girls going to step up and take some initiative? I don't even mean the asking out, that's a whole other issue, but once we're together, a couple, how about you plan our night out for once?

I'm partly doing this trip so that I can tell people I did it. That sounds horrible, but it's not, bear with me. Many experiences are sort of mediocre, but are important to do, because not doing them is worse. Hell, almost every time I leave my house I regret it, I would actually have more fun at home, but I have to go out, because if I don't I feel like a bum staying home all the time, and you have to see different things, get stimulation, even if the experience isn't actually fun, it gives you food for thought, helps your mind stay grounded to reality and connected to the cosmos. The real reward then comes after you go back to your normal life and you can look back on it and remember.

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