5-19-05 - 1


I'm stopped at an internet cafe in Flagstaff, AZ. The cashier girl is talking about E3 to some nerdy guy holding comic books; I pointedly ignore them - I'm trying to get away from those people, not meet more of them in new places. Downtown Flagstaff is pretty cool; it's a bit small and a bit touristy, but it's all in old buildings when this was a stop on Route 66, with cool cafe's, lots and lots of bicycles, and everything indoor/outdoor.

I'll put some photos on the Yahoo photo page. I've just been at the grand canyon and picked up a bit of a sun burn. The grand canyon is amazing, but perhaps it's too amazing; it bludgeons you with beauty until you're numb and can't see any more. It's much easier to appreciate small beauties, a little twinkle in an ordinary scene. The grand canyon is one of the most international places I've ever been. German and Japanese tourists come in by the bus-load. The hikers I meet are Italian, French, Swedish. There's a full grocery store, the hotels are right on the rim; too many tourists, ruin the isolation. The checker at the grocery store is from Ecuador, he's here on a work-exchange program.

I haven't got into the road trip mind set yet. Maybe I'm still too close to home; I can think of just turning back and going back to San Luis and my beloved Danielle, and that sounds mighty good to me. I wish I could smoke; when I think of great road trips, I remember big American cars with a bench front seat and smoking.

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