4-16-05 - 5


It's interesting to watch customer service in various cultures. In America we expect people to run up to you when you walk in, and be overly nice, "my name is Sandra, what can I do for you?" , but if you actually need something unusual quickly, it's likely to just piss them off - you're breaking the rules of the formal interaction, asking too much, stepping out of your part. In France, servers are expected to be very considerate of your space and privacy, not walk up to you if you're just browsing, you have to request their presence, but unusual requests are usually okay, and a bit of yelling may be part of a normal transaction. In Mexico, servers sort of lounge around and may come up to you and be polite; if you ask for anything unusual they'll say "yes, no problem", to any request, and then either not do it, or go off for half an hour to their cousin's neighbor's house to find what you asked for.

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