8-23-04 - 2


It's unbelievable to listen to hunters talk. There are all these hunting shows on OLN and the guys talk along; when they see a nice dear - "Wow, look at that buck ... three ... four ... six points, wow, he's beautiful" [bang] "Nice shot, he's down". So strange to love a beautiful animal and kill it.

Why does Rose McGowan have blonde hair now? What the hell is wrong with the world? Who allowed this to happen?

I need my Network of Trust. I know there are good DJ's out there making great song selections - why can't my mp3 player tap into their mixes? I know there are people with good taste in movies making movie lists - why can't I get that? The whole idea of "critics" is obsolete. What we have instead of networks and taste-clusters. People with similar opinions on topics are grouped and share information.

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