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I think it's interesting that I could write any kind of crazy crap in a novel, but if I write something here, it would shock and disturb people. There's a way that a blog is treated as more personal than a novel. Lots of writers write totally psychopathic things, like Clive Barker, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk, etc. but they are not accused of being psychopaths themselves - well, of course, they are - they're having those thoughts in their head in order to write them. The fact that they don't act on those things just means they're in control of their insanity. Common society has this foolish taboo against ever admitting you have thoughts like that. Of course I have thoughts like that - I just don't act on them.


The fact that I have to wire my electronics together is ridiculous. It should all be WiFi and just work. When I buy a new DVD player, I should be able just plug it in to power (though Tesla would say the power should be wireless too), put in my DVD, and wham - it plays on my TV. That would be *easy*.

I can't stand the noise of TV's ; I need a web site that has decibel readings for the ambient noise of TV's so I can buy the one that's the quietest.

Our office Republican (Drew) used to appeal to me about the Bush administration - "these people are not evil, they love America and they're doing what they think is right for the country". Well, first of all, I don't believe that one bit, I think there are quite a few people in the administration who are really just evil (evil = selfish, egomaniacal, dangerous, destructive, greedy, corrupt, etc.). On the other hand, I do believe there probably are a lot of people in the administration who actually believe they are doing what's best for the country (G.W. may be one of these, in a sort of naive manipulated sort of way). The problem with this is that there's a sort of diabolical narrowness of vision that comes into play. When you believe that America is really great, and whatever America wants for the world is what's best for the world, and you administration is great, and having your administration in power is what's best for America - now you are a truly dangerous man. I believe that much of our administration is in this camp; it's sort of a righteous narrowness of vision, very similar to a religious jihad martyr - you believe your cause is so right, that any sort of immoral act you may do to advance your cause is justified - breaking the law, lying, bribing, manipulating, war, imprisonment, torture, murder, etc. I suspect people like Hitler and Stalin really did believe they were doing what was best. I think the clear conclusion is that "good intentions" is not a valid defense for anything, and patriotism is a very questionable attribute.


Here's your fun physics-based gameplay for you : The Evil Genius Game. You're an evil genius, and you're trying to destroy the world, by doing all the crazy crap that all us evil geniuses dream up. It's played out in a big physical simulation of the earth, with a solar system and gravity and fluid dynamics for the oceans, etc. You can set off a nuke in a volcano and try to black out the sky and kill off plants, you can try to melt the polar caps, you can drop a giant mass in the ocean to try to make tsunamis, you can put thrusters on the moon try to push into the earth, you can freeze the earth's core to ruin the magnetic fields and kill us all with cosmic rays, etc. etc.


The Google banner images are pissing me off. They are not cute or clever, they cheapen us all. They're sort of like hallmark teddy bears. They scream out for you to say "oh, how cute", and by doing so they make reasonable men sick.

NetFlix is okay, but the selection is rather poor, very mainstream. That may just be because a lot of things don't exist on DVD, dunno. The great thing about NetFlix is that you can select your movies at any time. In general, removal of temporal constraints is a great thing. If I have to do A some time this week, ok, that's cool. If I have to do A at exactly 5:00 PM on Tuesday, that's much much harder, not just because I have to remember to do it, but I have to make sure that leading up to that moment I'm in good condition to do A, whatever it is. If an artist could never paint when they wanted to, and was only allowed to paint when you told them "go", their work would be shit. You need to be able to do a task when your mind/body/life are in the right state to do that thing. In general the modern work-place goes totally against this principle, which crushes the productivity of creative/compulsive/inspired performers.

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