8-18-04 - 1


I despise fucking DVD's. For one thing, the video quality is shite. MPEG2 my ass. For another, the damn menus are just so rotten. For another, there's no on-the-hardware memory of where I stopped watching, so if I pop it out and then put it back in, I lose my place. Finally, and worst of all, it's a rotten ass digitial medium, which is inherently crappy. If you have a bad scratch on your VHS tape, it just screws up the picture - the loss is analog and doesn't fundamentally ruin playback. On a DVD, a bad scratch makes it crap out and skip or stop playing altogether (just like a CD does). Digital blows, analog rules. Analog is like a smooth lossy encoding system, damage just degrades the signal proportionally to the amount of damage. (note that clever digital encoding can actually work this way too, but no one has ever put that into actual use. There are variants of JPEG2000 that downgrade smoothly with the amount of damage done to the bits. This is in contrast to error-correcting codes which have a certain tolerance for error, and once that tolerance is exceeded, they fail completely).

I cashed out of Party Poker. I think I'm done with it. I make good money there, but it's just not fun. Well, okay, some times it's fun, when you're winning big, but these days the losses hurt so much more than the wins. Furthermore, I can't really enjoy the big wins either. When I hit a draw on a guy and make a big pot, I just feel guilty, not delighted like I once did.

My job had turned me off of everything I once loved - games, programming, computers - I can hardly stand them any more. I want nothing to do with them in my free time. Perhaps I should do the thing I hate most for a living, since I'm going to hate my job anyway, at least that way I won't ruin something I love. I've always believed that good programming is an art form - it's a craft, artisan, maestria. It's creative, it's not left-brain.

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