6-22-04 - 3


The unbelievable lies and manipulation of this government have succeeded in one big way - their massive crimes in Iraq have completely distracted the left wing movement from all the horrible things they've done internally - insane tax cuts for the rich, cutting capital gains for god's sake, cutting the inheritance tax, such huge tax cuts for the super-rich, rolling back the environmental protections that Clinton put in place, rolling back the rules on power plant emissions, intentionally covering up the mad-cow problems, and probably a thousand other horrific things that would be big deals, but are dwarfed by the unwarranted invasion of a sovereign state with completely false evidence and the continued lieing to the American people and Congress. The things we did to *legal* middle eastern immigrants was totally immoral, the way we're holding American citizens hostage in Guantanamo with no trial and no evidence is sickening. The hippocracy of preaching free market and cutting taxes while *increasing* subsidies and protections to big agri-business (Monsanto & ADM), tobacco farmers, the steel industry, Boeing, and of course all the many military contractors involved in the war.

That damn MoveOn.org goes too far, they spew a bunch of half-truths to try to make their case. Damn you Move On ! It's not necessary to lower yourself to the partisan lies - the truth is bad enough!!

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