6-21-04 - 1


One of the things that kills me is people who have a problem with something I'm doing but don't say anything about it. I get it at work, in relationships, just with friends, all the time. People just sit and steam and get all peeved but don't say a damn thing until it becomes so annoying that they crack and then lay into me. Then I'm like "whoah, why didn't you tell me? It's no big deal, I can do what you want". I used to just never do what I wanted for fear of it inconveniencing someone else. Now, I think, fuck 'em, if they don't speak up, I'll do it my way, and they can just suck it up, if they don't speak up it's their fault. I can't stand to work/live/date people who do this over and over. In relationships I've always admired the saucy Italian stereotype; if someone pisses you off you just scream at them, throw your spaghetti in their face, work it out, then have hot sex. Let's have real aggression rather than this damn WASP passive-aggression.

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