6-20-04 - 2


The stock market is an interesting sociological problem. In the long term, you get paid my investments that are actually smart, eg. buying good companies that are undervalued. Generally that means going against popular opinion - if most people are under-valuing a company you know is solid, buy it; if the public are over-valuing a company you know is no good, avoid it. The problem is that in the short term, you make money by doing just the opposite. When the public latches onto some company and keep driving the price up, you do very well to get on that band-wagon, even though you know the price is over-valued and won't hold up in the long term.

Poker has lots of little "bad beats" that aren't the normal kind. Today I played a big multi-table. Some of my funny "bad beats" were - I hit an ace on the flop, play it cautious, make 2 pair on the turn, I trap and pull a nice check-raise, I bet the river; he calls - we have the identical hand. Split pot. Another - I flopped a straight flush (!!), but it's just me and the big blind in the hand! I check the flop, bet the turn, he folds. Damn! Got zero pay on it.

Any potential job I think of just seems a bit tedious, including game programming. One of the fundamental problems I have with "work" is that in America to be at all successful, you have to totally focus on one thing, work 60+ hours/week, live that thing. There just isn't any single one thing I could stand to do 60 hrs/week. I love music, but just a few hours a week, movies, same thing, reading, same thing, eating, cooking, poker, exercise, programming, managing, etc. How can anyone stand to do any one thing with such single focus? It sucks.

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