6-16-04 - 2


The home theater craze in America is very telling. Once upon a time there was this concept of communal goods and activities. If you have a bunch of people on a street, not all of them need a tractor. Maybe betwen them, a tractor would be useful, so one of them buys one, and then all of them share it and use it as need; they certainly couldn't afford to each buy all the things they would rarely need, and it would be silly. A big fancy theater was once the same - not every could buy a giant screen and big speakers, so you would go to a movie theater to see movies on the big screen. These days, people want to stay home more, talk to their neighbors less, and live by their own schedule, not anyone else's. So, everyone buys their own setups, and they lock themselves in, and the blue light flickers from their windows at night.

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