6-14-04 - 3


Damn. I want to do persistent MMO games on cell phones with internet and GPS. Imagine this - you jack into the game in SF; as you log in you get a couple alerts - a rare item drop has spawned in Oakland, and there's a big battle going on downtown; you also see a few bogeys around you that you could hunt for and take on. You decide to go for the item drop; you hop in your car and drive out, navigating in the game world; as you travel some random encounters pop up that you run away from. As you get into Oakland you see bogeys light up all over your radar; lots of people are circling for the item drop; you hook up with some of your team mates and talk voice and decide to meet up at a pizza place; while chowing you talk strategy; you decide that you'll first try to sabotage some of the other teams and then make a run for the item while they're out of commision; one of the guys on your team is a double-agent, he pretends to be friendly with another squad; he goes off to meet them and send them into a trap. Another guy heads out to find your main threats and try to drop an energy net on them. Your main crew heads for the item drop. When you get there a mad battle is under way; a bunch of players are fighting the NPC's guarding the goods; the drop is in a park, so the players are running around all over more or less; your crew tries to go under cover (spread out and look confused and not too geeky) to get close, then you break for a run and try to avoid the other players as you go to the core; you're dropping buffs and using skills, trying to focus totally on the phone while trying not to trip. There are a lot of tough gameplay issues that I haven't worked out, but that shit would be fun.

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