6-14-04 - 2


Semi-bluffing (mainly a big raise with a flush draw) is not nearly so good as it was 20 years ago. Semi-bluffing is only valuable if they will fold pretty big hands often. It's risking a lot of chips (in No Limit) when you are an underdog. The problem is that it's so common these days that people look for the semi-bluff, they sniff it out, they almost put you on the semi-bluff rather than actually having a hand. Because of that I think the semi-bluff-bluff is actually the great play of the modern era. This is a deceptively simple play, it's also known as "betting your good hand". You might slowplay that hand normally, but when you get an inkling that he may put you on the semi-bluff, you go ahead and bet it in the straight-forward way; your hope is that he'll call you down trying to catch a semi-bluff. This play then makes your semi-bluffs valuable again for a while.

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