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Terrorist organizations are a very dangerous thing to create. They are generally created by The West (mainly the US, and previously by the USSR), either through directly creating them by giving them funds and arms, or through tolerance and creating a power vacuum and letting them succeed, or by creating a situation where terrorists *must* arise; we've done this by establishing corrupt dictators in countries with great inequalities, or approving invasions, etc. The problem with terroist organizations is that they are generally created by some true hardship (eg. the Soviets in Afghanistan), but once they get power, they will not give it up even after their cause is gone (eg. the Taliban remains).

The Enron tapes are quite shocking. Just like the torture in Abu Ghraib, they bring us viscellary close to the crime, even though these crimes are relatively minor compared to what the US Power Structure commits on a regular basis. One of the really interesting things I see in the Enron transcripts is how arrogant and small-minded and greedy these traders were (great Republicans!). Several of the conversations were about the price caps that California was trying to establish to get control of the price-gouging that was screwing the CA economy. One trader says about the price caps "it goes against what this country was founded on". The guy sees what he's doing as good capitalism; if he can manipulate markets to make more money, that's good capitalism, what this country's all about, right? Another guy rails that the price caps are "fucking him" out of 500 million dollars. He really believes he deserves 500 million dollars for trading energy contracts, and by trying to keep control of their prices, he's being unfairly fucked.

Fox has taken Andy Richter out of "Andy Richer Controls the Universe" (creative, funny, different, but didn't always work) and put him in "Quintuplets" (predictable, bourgeios, recycled, shmalz). Way to go, America.

The thing that makes America great is the same thing that fucks it. The poor of America really believe they can make it big, buy a nice house, move up and get rich, etc. Of course the reality is that 99% of them won't. But, they still vote for tax cuts for the rich, because they hope to get there some day themselves, and didn't those rich guys earn it?

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