6-11-04 - 1


More bad results in the multi-table tourneys. I sit down at the $50 multi-table NL tourney. Right away, this guy "downtown" starts raising every hand. You get a lot of these guys, just insanely aggressive. I see him show down pure junk a few times, he wins some of those so his stack stays about even. I'm staying out of the way of the action, until I get AQs on the button. Downtown raises it up to $175 (we all have about $1000 stacks). Another player calls, but that other player has also been showing down junk, so I'm a little cautios, but I figure this is my time to play back. With someone who's being over-aggressive, the correct response is to come back over the top some time when you're pretty sure you have them killed. So, I make my move, I raise it up to $500. The blinds fold; Downtown thinks a second and calls, the other guy thinks longer and calls too. Flop comes KT3, with two spades, so I have the flush draw and the gut shot, 12 outs. That gives me a 45% chance of winning, even if I'm beat, which I may not be! Downtown bets his remaining $400, of course I call. He shows the K7. He's got a pair of kings now, but K7 before the flop, my god. I read it perfectly, played it perfectly, and of course I don't hit my draw. I have a lot of sympathy for Phil Helmuth.

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