5-22-04 - 1


It seems to me there's a huge missing business, which is a service of expert consultants with various specialties that can do these kinds of jobs. Ken Demarest and I have talked about trying to start up such a company. You get like 20 consultants, someone who's an Id-engine expert, someone who's a Havok expert, etc., someone who's a COM/GDI/MFC expert, someone's whos' a VU/MIPS assembly expert, etc. so you have a man for just about every job. You charge like $200/hr or more, but you're offering top experts who can quickly jump on a small problem and give you a very good solution. Certainly at Oddworld I would have used such a thing myself.

It's funny when the management treats the employees to something nice, I'm very grateful and all, I think it's a nice gesture, but really it's your own money. It's like, hey, all these profits we've gotten from your hard work, here you can have a tiny bit back. It's sort of like after the feudal lord collects the taxes from his hard-working peasants, and then when he rides through the streets he tosses coins out his window for the riff-raff to fight over, and they think he's so kind and generous.

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