5-18-04 - 2


The next frontier for games is animation. Lip sync and facial animation is important, but even just good full-body animation is really important. Current games are just crap. HL2 looks reasonable, and our game is pretty good, but most are shite, and you can even do much much better than those games. A lot of people don't understand how important this is, they think the current games are ok, but they're not. When you really get people moving realistically, it's a *huge* visual difference, the characters suddenly start to feel really human and alive, and it's like a sudden different level of connection you feel to the game environment. It's like the difference between seeing a VR sim of some toy soldiers vs. actually seeing real people getting torn up by gun fire. I should clarify - there are a lot of games with good canned anims, and the transitions are pretty good now, games like Prince of Persia and Ratchet and Clank and our game all qualify for that. The next stage is more dynamic animation, more reactive, more physical, responding to your terrain, anticipating future mores, etc.

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