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Part of the job of a good game director is to foresee problems and to help the team out. You should be able to know from intuition and experience what's going to play well, where the time and energy should be spent. You should be able to focus development without actually trying lots of dead ends. Anybody can just try it lots of ways and pick the result that works the best (well, not anybody, a lot of people can't see greatness even when it stares them in the face), the real talent lies in knowing what's going to work before you try it. It seems to me that so-called great creative game directors like Molyneaux are terrible in this way, while systems-based houses like Bungie, Id, are much better at getting straight to the point. Of course, you have to do a little prototyping and experimenting; the houses like Bungie and Id wind up making very unimaginative and predictable games. Like all important things in real life, it's subtle; the true "maestria" is in the balance - you need to prototype and experiment, but you also need to have enough clarity and foresight not to waste a lot of time.s

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