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I just made Galaxy3 work nicely with multimon and laptops and such. My home dev environment is now a laptop at 1400x1050 hooked up to a sideways LCD at 1024x1280. The sideways LCD is the primary display, so that throws off the vast majority of 3d apps. In fact, I can't think of any 3d app that runs right on my box. And - it's so easy to get it right. You just enumerator the adapters and pick the one that supports all the caps. If they both support all the caps, use the desktop monitor. Then you can get the monitor rect and put your window there. Then if you want to go fullscreen, you should default to using the desktop rez and refresh rate. That gets you all good for laptops and LCD's, which are best just running at their native rez and refresh (which presumably the desktop is).

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