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Grand Theft Auto was all very successful and what-not, but can you imagine if they had actually given the game a good story & character development? I mean, nobody even remembers the name of the guy you're supposed to be, much less anything about him - they could have had licensing and movie deals out the wazoo.

Computer software is a weird endeavor. The vast majority of work we do is to make it easier to do work on computers. It's sort of like a car mechanic who works on his car all the time so that he can drive it to the auto part shop.

I like to work with people who will do a good solid job without being watched and ridden all the time. I like people who will do solid productive work even if no tasks are assigned to them. I like people who are constantly keeping a list of tasks in their head that they wish they had time to do, that they will do when they get a day free.

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