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People are shocked that this Steve Erwin (Crocodile Hunter) held his baby while playing with a Crocodile. Don't be a moron, of *course* he's going to endanger the life of his baby, the guy is a lunatic!

Sometimes capitalism works very badly. Case in point : IT infrastructure. Currently we have phone lines running everywhere and big expensive switch boxes, we have cable running many places, and we have the phone companies converting to DSL and ATM. We have cell towers scattered around with various networks and standards. This is all way behind what it could be, and worst of all its very redundant. If we just had one good standard, we could spend a lot less and get a lot better product. Competition doesn't work well when there's a huge cost of entry to the business. I once say the figure that laying digital cable to someone's house costs $2,000 on average. That is, setting up the neighborhood routing and wiring and such probably costs some $500,000 or something, then you divide by the number of people served. That means it will take many many years to make back that money.

Why does it seem like there are so many girls that are as dumb as nails? Where are all the guys that are dumb as nails? It seems there are all these couples with a good smart guy and a girl that's just dumb dumb dumb. Maybe the difference is that hot dumb girls can make it in the world, but hot dumb guys usually just wind up pumping gas, so I'm not aware of them, they don't enter into my social circle. If that was true, and the world was really balanced, then there should be a lot of smart ugly girls that I'm not seeing. Where are they? I see a whole lot of smart ugly guys, but nothing near an even number in girls.

I am the McGuyver of making desserts from hopeless ingredients. The other week I made berry brown betties = frozen berries, flower, butter, brown sugar, tasty. Tonight I made chocolate cake ala fondant, from just cocoa, butter, eggs, sugar, flour; the cake was mediocre but I whipped up a chocolate sauce from cocoa, sugar, half & half and some old left-over Frangelico. The sauce was surprisingly good, thickened in the microwave.

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