02-22-04 - 1


The new Quiznos adds just fucking rock. They're wacky-tastic. Comedy in the future will just be incredibly bizarre. Each year, you have to get more bizarre, because the previous stuff just seems normal. Simple gags like making fun of the TV production process, or looking at the camera, or non-sequitors, or awkward silences, etc. all are pretty old hat now, so you've got to go even more bizarre. The Simpsons used to just be hillarious and surprising; these days it looks very plain, compared to Family Guy and such. Of course it's a fine line, if you try to just go with constant non-sequitors and really delve into the "so bad it's funny", you end up just making something that's bad.

Addendum - I'm told these adds are just based on "We like the Moon". It's up there very high. Tha moon is very useful everyone. Indeed, wacky eye-bulging hamsters, indeed it is.

Addendum 2 - I think the commercial is actually much funnier than the flash. The reason is the context. When you're watching pretty ordinary TV and suddenly this crazy crap pops up, it's so surprising and funny it makes you shit your pants. When you're browsing the internet, you see wacky weird shit all the time, so it's not really out of the ordinary to see the flying hamster oddness.

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